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My mom used therapeutic mega doses of Vitamin C to avoid pain killer medication as well as back surgery, which 2 specialist doctors had recommended (in other words, she had confirmed her need for back surgery with a second opinion) and she’s been living a normal life without the pain or back problems since starting this protocol back in 2008. 

She first applied it as a therapeutic dose for 2 weeks and then reduced intake to a maintenance dose to keep herself away from the pain.

By the way, her pain was gone within a day and a half after starting this protocol.

I myself have taken as much as 2k every 20 minutes when I've had times where I was dealing with extra stress and pressure and wasn't in the best of health and became really sick and I was able to knock out whatever I was sick with, each time within 8-24 hours, depending on how quickly I started doing the Protocol.

The longer you wait to start doing the protocol correctly, the more time it requires to overcome whatever you’re dealing with and the harder you make it on yourself.

With bronchitis, I once had to take 2,000mg every 10 minutes (while awake of course). But that cured me (symptoms were gone) in 24 hours, but I got on it very quickly after I felt sick. I don’t usually allow it to set in my body too much before start attacking it.

So if you get diarrhea that doesn't stop in a short amount of probably took a lot more than you need all at once, so your body will do much better with less, but more frequent doses.

But at least with this method, you usually get intestinal warning rumbles before actual diarrhea starts, so you can back off by 1,000mg or extend the time by 10, 15 or even 30 minutes and prevent it.

It's a more steady approach that doesn't overwhelm your bowels too quickly, since its divided up in smaller doses.

I know it’s a pain in the butt to do, but think of the suffering you avoid and the lost time you can save yourself.

Just remember that there's nothing scary or problematic when you get diarrhea besides the fact that it's uncomfortable and difficult to deal with if you're not home.

So besides that, there's really nothing to worry about. Just follow the steady protocol diligently to get the results.

Remember, that it's never going to be an exact thing.

Your body has to guide you as you learn to recognize its response, each time you’re dealing with something.

It can be different with each occurrence of a health issue you need to overcome.

The sicker or more pain that you are in, the more frequent the dose. But you do not need to take more than 2,000mg per dose to be effective.

Just increase or decrease the frequency to find your balance and ideal saturation dose that your body can stick with while you're awake.

It’s a great way to avoid drugs and other risky medical options.

Here is the closest thing to a dosage table if you really want one, but it's not likely to be enough if you're really sick or in massive pain...

There's a link at the bottom of the article if you want to check it out:

In Dr. Andrew Saul's case of pneumonia, he was at home playing Scrabble with his wife, presumably to stay awake, so he could get a jump start on his condition and get ahead of it before it got worse on him. So he stayed up to get it under control.

He got it down to where he figured out he needed to up his dose to 2,000mg and then figured out he could reduce the interval between each 2,000mg dose to just 6 minutes between each dose.

That was his body's tolerance level at the time when he had worn himself down enough that he caught pneumonia.

He set a timer and every 6 minutes he took 2,000mg (milligrams). As sick as he was, he knew it would not be a very long time before he hit bowel tolerance.

As you'll see in the video above, he got it under control and felt dramatically better within 3 hours.

Here's a good reference for normal daily use:

For an average adult, you can take about 6k-9k a day normally, as a maintenance dose (when you are using it as a preventative against most common ailments like minimizing the potential for catching the cold and flu, under normal circumstances), you can even take as much as 9k-15k depending on body weight, but ideally in 1,000mg-2,000mg doses spread apart, as evenly as possible, in regards to the time between each dose. 

If that's a challenge, then divide your dose into at least 3 separate doses, ideally once at breakfast, once at Lunch and once at Dinner.

A good rule of thumb as a maintenance dose:

For adults is approximately 40mg per pound of body weight per day, and just round up to the nearest thousand that can be equally divided by the number of doses you plan to take on a daily basis (shoot for no less than 3 doses).

Do HALF For Children under 13 years of age (20mg per pound of body weight) as a daily maintenance dose.


Once you find that equilibrium, your body will use that level of C to rapidly address any pain, infection, and kill the cold or flu, usually within a day or two (often the same day if caught at first sign) if you don't let things set in too long before 
addressing it with this protocol in this manner.

After a while, as the C has done a lot to help alleviate whatever is bothering you, it will let you know that it (your body) needs less C again.

When this occurs, you'll suddenly feel that you're at bowel tolerance again. So you drop the dose again by a thousand if you're at 2,000 or increase the time between dosages by 10, 15, 20 or even 30 minutes.

Then stay on that dose until and unless your body signals that it needs less frequent dosage again, and so on and so forth.

So maybe the time between intervals goes up to 45, then 60 minutes and maybe even once every 2 hours if need be until you're totally 100% and then go to a maintenance dose as suggested above.

Don't just abruptly stop and cut yourself off completely. It's best to take a maintenance dose.

Sometimes there are small residual issues that may not show up with any symptom until they've become a bigger issue for your body to handle.

So the maintenance dose really helps avoid something coming back with a vengeance.

This has worked consistently for me and everyone I've shared this with who's willing to do it correctly and diligently.

You can get a bottle of 1,000mg capsules from the vitamin shoppe with 300 capsules in a bottle for under $25. That's a good deal.

I always prefer the capsules for easy swallowing and best absorption. Powered C (C crystals) is also fine.

I prefer to stay away from tablets as they don't absorb as well and they tend to be of lower quality.

FYI: I've even cured my own case of pneumonia in under 4 hours the same day I started to feel sick, and realized it wasn't a regular cold or flu, so I went and was diagnosed with pneumonia.

It took 2,000mg every 10 minutes for almost 4 hours before all symptoms were gone and I finally reached bowel tolerance to start dropping the dose to 1,000mg and then again after that to start taking less frequently until I was back to feeling 100% again.

It just works! I hope you give it a chance to help you. But it's critical that it's done right by following the protocol correctly, if you want to experience the positive benefits.