Easy Heart Disease Prevention 
Following This Protocol Will Help The Immune System In General and Therefore 
Addresses Many Other Health Issues At The Same Time (With The Same Effort)  
NOTE: Quick Short List of Vitamins is Included



This document was prepared to help open your mind to safer, life saving alternatives worth looking into.

Besides the supplementation below, an ideal way to address your health is getting into the habit of eating significantly less (preferably totally eliminating) processed, refined and pre-packed foods as well as most sugars.

Eat a lot more greens (vegetables), raw to steamed is ideal to get the most nutrition out of them, as well as the necessary enzymes that are destroyed by over-heating/cooking vegetables.

The closer you are to a more Mediterranean type eating lifestyle as a general approach, with a stronger emphasis on more vegetables and modest eating of fruits, the better you'll be from my experience.

The following information below is meant to provide a summary of my findings and personal experience, which have allowed my parents avoid most drugs and their side effects as well as risky surgical procedures (especially my dad, who though was stubborn, he was very compliant with nutritional supplementation and allowed them to eliminate his need to be on any drugs the last 7 years of his life, after supplements and modifications to his eating, he fully reversed his advanced heart disease within 5 months after the time we started these protocols).

Links which contain within them scientific references are provided throughout for your convenience to pursue needed details, verification and specifics.

You certainly don't need to simply take my word for it. You should verify and get clarity on your personal needs and unique situation by not just following the guidelines I've outlined, but by looking into the references I've highlighted for you to research, confirm and understand each protocol I've used and why it is used and how each person should look at using it if they desire.

This is not a prescription but rather my findings and my approach... 
Everyone is different but below has, in my experience, been a good general base to work from.


Natural Supplements to address most COMMON heart disease (high blood pressure, cholesterol, blocked arteries, AFib/Arrhythmia) prevention and reversal (Not including Rheumatic Heart or CHF) from over 15 years of direct research and application with personal experience with my parents and many loved ones and friends validated by consistent medical lab results and regular doctor feedback:

Most disease regression (reduction in symptoms) that I've witnessed personally will begin to happen within 30-60 days by following this diligently and significant beneficial effects can be experienced within 3 to 6 months, with most issues totally eliminated/reversed within the first year.

Very likely it will be enough that if any medical procedure or medication was prescribed will become unnecessary after a re-check of your blood test, usually within a few weeks of diligent application of this nutritional approach.

NOTE: the items below can be purchased at a local "Vitamin Shoppe" or online at various distributors such as DrVita.com, iHerb.com, or even Amazon.com

The following is a basic regimen that should be used as both prevention and a foundation for reversal:

3,000 mg Vitamin C 3 times a day, usually with each meal (Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner).


1,500 mg Chondroitin Sulfate (as a stand-alone supplement) once a day, unless you're already getting that much from another supplement that's combined with other nutritional sources...If chondroitin sulfate comes in 500mg to 600mg tablets or capsules, either is fine, then can take one of those 3 times a day, instead all at once...See


Approximately 1,000mg of high quality Omega 3 fish oil, 3 times a day (a good high quality brand is: Nordic Naturals - ALSO: Take an ADDITIONAL 1,000mg or so, especially after eating sugary items)


500mg to 650mg of Magnesium Citrate is important to take and if you want an ideal form of it, use this Brand:  Natural Vitality CALM  (NOTE: I generally use the powder form, and follow the directions to get up to the ideal dose on the bottle on a daily basis)...See http://www.lewrockwell.com/2015/01/bill-sardi/how-to-prevent-sudden-cardiac-death/


Also, a good Daily Multi-vitamin (which could be in the form of capsules or powder) 
That includes the following

> Zinc Citrate 30mg to 50mg
> Selenium 100mcg 
> Vitamin B1 (in the form of Benfotiamine) 5mg 
> Vitamin D3 (5,000IU daily) - always make sure to take approximately 125mcg of K2 as MK7 (which is an ideal form of K2) with every 5,000IU of Vitamin D3 you're supplementing with to help ensure that the calcium is being properly sent to and absorbed by bones, rather than soft tissue.

And that should include the B-Vitamins which should include B6 with at least 15mg of B6

It should also have Vitamin E in the natural (d-alpha) form

A well made and convenient Brand is: 


Lastly, for a great anti-clotting natural supplement, as well as heart and brain health, which will also help with other health issues, you should get the following:

Nattokinase - 2, 000 FU ("Doctor's Best" brand is a good https://www.amazon.com/Doctors-Best-Nattokinase-Cardiovascular-Circulatory/dp/B000BD0RRM, but there are many others that work just as well)...

NOTE REGARDING NATTOKINASE: Since nattokinase may cause blood thinning, it should not be paired with other blood thinning agents such as aspirin or warfarin. 

This can increase the risk of brain hemorrhage in patients who have small vessel disease. There is also a risk of clotting mechanical heart valves if nattokinase is substituted for warfarin...

For more information on the many cardiovascular health benefits of Nattokinase, Click Here: https://www.besthealthprotocol.com/natto.  


Get into the habit of Drinking 8 ounces of water every 2 hours or so. 
A pinch of Pink Himalayan Salt stirred into each 8 ounce of water will help your body hydrate more effectively


NOTE: some yellowish color in your pee (urine) is desirable. Totally clear pee (can reflect that you're depleting your body of necessary electrolytes - this is where Pink Himalayan Salt stirred into the water you drink will help keep your body's electrical system balanced) or very dark pee (which means you're not hydrated well) is NOT desirable. 


Get good sleep daily.

Ideally go to bed no later than 11pm (preferably by 10pm) because your body goes to work to repair and heal naturally just before midnight.

If you miss this opportunity, then your body is not going to function like it can and should.

***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***

PLEASE NOTE: Cholesterol medication is largely a fraud.



Your doctor will not generally be informed about the therapeutic benefits of mega-vitamin supplementation, so don't expect any favorable response.

In fact, doctors are trained to assume high doses may be toxic but there's no scientific or medical evidence of this and not one report of death from vitamins recorded at the poison control center, however hundreds of thousands of deaths each year are recorded as a result of properly prescribed medication.

You can learn for yourself through the links above. All information is well referenced and has decades-long documentation and application.

My personal experience is consistent with that information...

Remember, People are NOT drug deficient...They are nutrient deficient.




Ideally, if you want to get the phenomenal heart benefits of the natural (d-alpha) form of vitamin E, then you can take it as a supplement in addition to the above and follow the directions below:

Vitamin E

(Use Natural Vitamin E only, DO NOT use the DL- which is the synthetic form - so read the ingredients label)

The natural (best form) of vitamin E is called "D-alpha tocopherol with mixed natural tocopherols." and is made from vegetable oil.

The synthetic form has the letter "L" as DL-alpha tocopherol, which you want to AVOID if it's the dl-alpha form.

For Additional Information You Can Reference www.doctoryourself.com/vitamin_e.html

Natural Vitamin E as d-alpha tocopherol (start at 400IU and work up over a few months to 1,000 to 3,000 IU’s (depending on severity of health concerns - persons with heart disease will need to work up to the higher dose),

Ultimately you want to take 1,600 IU to 2,000 IU and in advanced cases, up to 3,000IU daily (divided into two (2) to four (4) doses daily as possible)...


IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE TO CONSIDER: Persons with high blood pressure, who are starting a new regimen of taking vitamin E, need to increase their daily amount of vitamin E to the above stated amounts gradually.

This is because the vitamin increases the strength of the heartbeat, and a gradual increase of E avoids any sudden rise in blood pressure.

Dr. Shute (pioneer in Vitamin E therapy with over 30,000 patients) found that over a period of months, a gradually increasing dose can yield a lower blood pressure.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Persons with a chronic rheumatic heart do not tolerate much vitamin E and need medical supervision if they are to use it.

A person in good health may wish to begin with a supplemental amount of 200 I.U. of vitamin E per day for a 2-4 weeks...

Then, 400 IU might be taken daily for another two to four weeks. For the next two to four weeks, 600 I.U. daily, and for the next two to four weeks, 800 I.U. per day and so on, until you get to the necessary dose for your situation/needs.

Another good source of information on hypertension is www.doctoryourself.com/hypertension.html



Organic Flaxseed it is also an additional good source of Omega 3 and Fiber to supplement, especially when snacking on any processed foods, refined foods, sugars, sweets, etc.

Fiber is really important and often overlooked.

Gamma-linoleic acid (GLA) 300mg-600mg daily

NOTE: If you tend to be deficient in Potassium (you'll know from a doctor's report or from some test, otherwise, do not worry about it), use Potassium Citrate 100mg-200mg two to three times daily



Nattokinase 2,000FU’s (fibrinolytic units)

See details on this supplement here:




A word of CAUTION for any of you who take any blood-thinning medication such as Coumadin, Heparin, or even Lovonox.

If you do, then don’t use any supplemental form of Vitamin K or nattokinase, as it may seriously interfere with the effect of your medications.

In fact, if you are on any medication, confirm with your doctor if any of the above will interfere negatively with any medication you are on and ask what you can do about it if you'd like to start supplementing with them while you're on the medication.

You may also be interested to see the protocol for reversing blocked arteries: http://www.paulingtherapy.com/

(An excerpt of the Pauling protocol may be attached to this document for your convenience, if not, a PDF version is available through the link above)...it is:

At least 6,000mg of Vitamin C and 6,000mg of Lysine daily. You can use less if you only want prevention and not to address anything major.

Again, a good rule of thumb for daily preventative and maintenance doses is take your body weight and multiply it by 40 (for persons over 14 years old / for person under 14, multiply by 20), then round up to the nearest thousand that you can divide evenly into 3 doses (breakfast, lunch and dinner - or morning, afternoon and early evening, if you don't eat 3 meals a day)


Having a solid ability to properly digest and absorb your nutrients from your food and more importantly from your supplements, requires a healthy gut and the enzymes to do their job, which many people today are deficient in due to the over processed foods we eat.  

A really good person to learn from who has an incredible story is Kris Carr at https://kriscarr.com/meet-kris/

So a good digestive enzyme is helpful to this effect: 
Enzymedica, Digest Spectrum, Dietary Supplement to Support Digestive Relief From Food Intolerances, Vegan, Gluten Free, Non-GMO, 120 capsules (60 servings), found here: 


Prebiotic and Probiotic supplement is an important foundation to proper immune function, so I'd use:
Dr. Ohhira's Probiotics Original Formula 3 Year Fermented Food Supplement with Probiotics, Prebiotics, and PostBiotics for Rapid Microbiome Repair, 60 capsules found here: 


Lastly, I always like to have at least one meal replacement and complete supplement to use at least once a day. I get maximum vibrance http://www.vibranthealth.us/index.php/maximum-vibrance/ follow the directions for supplementation or for one meal replacement a day (watch their short video).

That'll be good enough to cover anyone's needs to prevent and or reverse most heart disease, including helping with AFib as well as help in avoiding a sudden death heart attack or stroke.

The main cause for heart attack and stroke is inflammation and blood clotting. The best natural anti-inflammatory (vitamin C) and anti-coagulant for thinning the blood naturally that I've used successfully is vitamin E and high quality Omega 3 Fish Oils.

See more details on these: https://www.drsinatra.com/the-most-common-blood-thinners

If you need to go beyond daily maintenance dose supplementation and are trying to address a health issue, then a more therapeutic dose of vitamin C is needed.

In this case, spreading vitamin c over several multiple doses is preferable and ideal for maximum benefit (smaller more frequent doses are always more desirable and best utilized by the body, such as 1,000mg to 2,000mg doses, not more per dose for therapeutic effect)

Daily intake of 9,000mg to 15,000mg of vitamin C has amazing health benefits, contrary to popular misbelief...for additional information on that, please see the Vitamin C Protocol on this site, for convenience, you can CLICK HERE to go there now

In this case, more is better and therapeutic effects generally start at around 10,000mg a day and up!

See www.DoctorYourself.com for detailed and well referenced information on the safety and efficacy of C in high, frequent doses.

As an extra icing on your new found health, look into www.Longevinex.com that's an amazing supplement that I think everyone should use as a basic baseline protocol for both powerful disease prevention and therapeutic use to deal with any current issue.

This whole protocol will also significantly reduce if not eliminate most of the occurrences of colds and flu and strengthen the immune system robustly.

Don't wait till something happens to do this for anyone, as it may be too late. Following the above Basic Daily Foundation of Supplementation is great Prevention.

Here's another helpful perspective on this dynamic subject matter:



Again, For more detailed info, see:


Search through that website for anything from colds to back pain to heart disease and cancer, even Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, etc.

There's great information there for eyesight and diabetes as well. Search for any health issue there and you'll be pleasantly surprised.

I know diabetes is a big one with many people lately, here's the link for this: http://www.doctoryourself.com/diabetes.html

Also eyesight is another one that is a problem lately, so here's great info on that:







AGAIN, IT'S WORHT REPEATING a word of CAUTION for any of you who take any blood-thinning medication such as Coumadin, Heparin, or even Lovonox.

If you do, then don’t use any supplemental form of Vitamin K or nattokinase, as it may seriously interfere with the effect of your medications.

In fact, if you are on any medication, confirm with your doctor if any of the above will interfere negatively with any medication you are on and ask what you can do about it if you'd like to start supplementing with them while you're on the medication.

You can learn for yourself through the links above. All information is well referenced and has decades-long documentation and application.

My personal experience is consistent with that information.

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any specific questions that I can answer from my personal experience.

If you can add a Greens supplement that boosts your intake of green foods, it's ideal, but not critical unless you don't eat much variety of vegetables. 


A good supplement for chelating metals, especially unhealthy levels of iron which promote disease and it’s even good for chelating plaque is:

IP6 500mg-1,500mg (depending on your needs)...I take this for a month, once every 6 to 12 month (in other words at least once or twice a year...unless you're fighting something which may require more frequent use, but you'll need to check into that for your particular situation).  

Finally, a great supplement for anti-aging that also protects the heart and brain is:

Longevinex (take as directed)found at Longevinex.com

Quick short list of primary vitamins, If On A Budget:
I Do Not Recommend Costco Vitamins and Supplements
It's Best To Use High Quality Supplements and Brands, Known For Their Absorption and Effectiveness
This Is Why I Prefer To Shop At The "Vitamin Shoppe" (Brand) Store or Go Online To iHerb.com or DrVita.com 
High quality wild caught Omega 3 fish oil 2,000-3,000mg daily (divide into 2 to 3 doses of around 1,000mg each dose, best taken after food like breakfast, lunch, dinner) 

Vitamin C 1,000mg capsules (not tablets) - the "Vitamin Shoppe" brand has a bottle of 300 capsules for around $21. Pretty good deal.

When buying C, the only ingredients needed is “Ascorbic Acid” (no rose hips or bioflavonoids) ideally take 40mg for every pound of body weight as a minimum daily maintenance dose (taken in even doses spread out over 2 or 3 times in the day i.e. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner or Breakfast and Dinner. (More will be needed as a therapy if you are trying to overcome pain or infection of any kind...you can search health conditions that vitamin c effectively addresses here: DoctorYourself.com

Magnesium Citrate at least 500-600mg daily, also spread out in 2 to 3 doses if possible.

Vitamin D3 (5,000 IU) with K2 daily

Sometimes you need to get K2 as MK-7 separately and should be at least 100 to 300mcg daily in equally divided 2 to 3 doses daily...more can be taken for therapeutic outcomes.

Lastly, use a high quality Multi-vitamin/Multi-mineral with B-Complex included.

The above are the primary main ones.
The others are very helpful depending on budget, since it can get pricey unfortunately.

Vitamin E (ONLY THE NATURAL FORM WHICH IS “d-alpha” NEVER USE “dl-alpha” Start with 400IU daily for a month and then go to 800IU daily for a month and do 1,600IU daily for a month and then go to 2,000IU daily.

And also

Chondroitin Sulfate for protective factors against dangerous heart attack effects.
1,000-1,500mg daily

For more detailed information and a more thorough list of the vitamins I use 
for protective health factors and therapeutic protocols, see the info just above this last section.





This is a side project to help others avoid unnecessary suffering. I do like to help who I can, when I can, as time permits. If you have questions or need some guidance, you can contact me by clicking here and I'll do my best to get back to you and help any way I can.

I hope you put this information to use and enjoy its benefits. Please help others by sharing this with others you care about. I do not have any affiliate links or make any money from sharing this. It's purely a gift to others.

Best wishes to you and your loved ones,
-Roger Khoury